How to Find Out Where Your Refund is for 2014

If you’re asking Where is my refund? for 2014 then you haven’t heard about the IRS Refund Tracker yet, have you?  For 2013 taxes, which you’ll be filing in 2014, all tax filers should use the IRS’s new tool called the IRS Refund Tracker.  It’s a page on the IRS website on which you make a login and then request information on your IRS refund.  The system will give you up to date information every 24 hours on the whereabouts of your tax return in the processing lineup, so you can see approximately when your refund will get to you.

Changes in the Where is My Refund? Page for 2014

The IRS used to publish IRS Refund Cycle Charts but no more.  Turnaround times vary more now, which means a chart is no longer useful for taxpayers who want to know where their refund might be. More tax returns get extra scrutinizing nowadays because the IRS isn’t simply checking to see if your W2 matches your tax return…they’re now checking to make sure the return isn’t a fraudulent one.

Identity theft is rampant with federal income tax returns.  All a thief has to do is get ahold of your Social Security number and a few other bits of personal information about you and they are able to file a fraudulent tax return on your behalf.  While it sounds good to have someone do your taxes for you, it’s actually very bad because you won’t be seeing your IRS refund.  Ever!  That’s because the whole point of income tax fraud and identity theft is to have that IRS refund sent to the thief’s bank account rather than the actual taxpayer.

Therefore, the IRS has revamped everything in the way they check tax returns now.  They’re looking for clues about the validity of your return, so at any given point in the “assembly line” of tax return preparation, your return can be pulled aside and examined more closely.  This makes the idea of asking Where is My Refund? in the year 2014 a whole new ballgame.

Wondering Where is My Refund? Use the IRS Refund Tracker

Visit the IRS website and type Where is My Refund? 2014 into their search box.  You’ll get the Where is My Refund? page, from which you can launch the IRS Refund Tracker.  Type in your Social Security number and answer the questions and you’ll get personalized information about your IRS refund in just minutes.  Just make sure you’re really on the IRS website for this, since typing your personal information into a fake IRS website will result in even more identity theft!