Opening Day for IRS Tax Returns & the Refund Schedule for 2014

Good news, the IRS has released the date on which they will begin accepting 2014 tax returns.  That’s for tax year 2013, by the way.  Starting on January 31, 2014, taxpayers will be able to begin e-filing income tax returns.  That also gives us a clue as to what the IRS Tax Refund Schedule 2014 will look like.

IRS Tax Refund Schedule: 2014 Outlook

The IRS would like to remind everyone that if a fast IRS refund is important to you, then e-file or Free File are the best way to file your federal income tax return.  Your tax return will be processed more quickly, meaning the entire IRS Tax Refund Schedule speeds up for your return…faster processing equals faster refund schedule.

The original opening date for 2014 tax season (tax year 2013 returns) was January 21.  However if you remember the Government closures that occurred in 2013, you’ll understand why the IRS now has a January 31 opening date.

You can still file your tax return ahead of time, with a software company such as TaxAct.  They will store your data until January 31, which is when they will be able to electronically submit your tax return to the IRS.  Same goes for walk-in storefront tax preparation companies like H&R Block.  You can make an appointment right now and they’ll push the e-file through on January 31.

After that, the refund schedule depends on whether or not your tax return gets flagged for scrutiny.  Some tax deductions can set up a red flag and therefore delay processing while the IRS looks into the matter more carefully.

But whatever your own schedule looks like ahead, whenever you get around to preparing your federal tax return, the IRS Tax Refund Schedule for 2014 will be based on your own set of circumstances.  You will need to log into the IRS website to track your refund.  There is no longer a one-size-fits-all Tax Refund Schedule on which you can estimate your refund date.  For the IRS Refund Tracker visit the IRS website and enter your info as they ask you for a personalized look at the progress of your IRS refund.