Find Out Your Own IRS Refund Dates for 2014

Life just gets better and better…at least that’s what the optimists say.  You probably find it hard to believe there’s anything optimistic one could say about the IRS and taxes, but when it comes to 2014 IRS refund dates, there’s good news for everyone.  Why?  Because the IRS is actually improving its customer service, its tax processing systems, and its online experience for taxpayers, all at the same time.  Let’s see what this means.

IRS Refund Dates 2014: The Old Way

In years past, we submitted our tax return and estimated the date of our IRS refunds based on a generic IRS Refund Cycle.  The Refund cycle charts were simply two-week segments based on the IRS acceptance date of a return.  All one really had to do was count ahead two weeks from date of IRS acceptance of the return and that’s when the refund would be direct deposited or check mailed.

The problem was that there are always exceptions to any charted cycle and you never really knew if that two week period was going to pan out or not.  But now that’s all changed…

IRS Refund Dates 2014: The New Way

What was formerly known as the IRS Refund Schedule is now something completely different.  The IRS now offers a login system where taxpayers can find out personalized information on their IRS tax refunds.  For taxpayers who have filed an income tax return and who expect a refund,  there is now a way to create a login to the IRS website.  After logging in, taxpayers can pull data on their very own tax return and find out where it is on the conveyor belt of tax return processing.  You no longer need to be concerned about IRS Refund Dates for 2014…only your own.

The new system is called the IRS Refund Tracker.  It’s available only from the actual IRS website…accept no substitutes!  You must enter your social security number and some personal tax data from your tax return…all of which are sensitive personal information that should not be entered into any website except the IRS.  The website address must say “” …if you are not sure about checking the validity of an internet address, find a friend who can help you.  Otherwise you are risking identity theft and your IRS tax refund could go straight to a thief!