How to Make the Best of the IRS Direct Deposit Schedule in 2014

The IRS Direct Deposit Schedule 2014 is going to depend on when you submitted your tax return and what’s on your return as well.  The days of a regular schedule are long gone… sorry to disappoint you!  Now it depends on your tax return and if there’s anything on the return that may slow down your refund.  What types of things can slow the process enough to delay your refund?  There’s actually quite a long list of red flag alerts, but some more common than others.  Take a look at these and see if any of them can be found on your tax return.  That may explain why you have IRS refund delays for 2014.

Things That Affect the 2014 IRS Direct Deposit Schedule by Red Flagging Your Return

  1. you took a business tax deduction that’s commonly abused
  2. you claimed the home office deduction
  3. you had a typo on your tax return
  4. your name didn’t match the name associated with your social security number…maybe you changed your name but didn’t notify the IRS
  5. your reported income didn’t match what was reported to the IRS
  6. Form 1099 MISC was filed…this is often used in fraudulent tax returns
  7. Filing Schedule E, which is Supplemental Income & Loss
  8. claiming lots of dependents or anything that looks fishy like it might be false dependents
  9. charitable contributions on Schedule A are often abused
  10. another itemized deduction that’s often involved in fraud: medical and dental expenses…the IRS scrutinizes these carefully because they are top method of scamming your deductions and paying less tax
  11. claiming expenses for your business that aren’t actually business expenses

The IRS Direct Deposit Choice is the Faster Way to Get Your Refund

By choosing direct deposit you’ve already done yourself a favor by choosing the faster way to get paid.  If you choose to have the IRS mail you a check for your refund, you’re adding at least a week to the whole schedule.  Do everything you can to avoid delays in the IRS Direct Deposit Schedule 2014 by scanning your return for the red flag alerts above, and choosing Direct Deposit over mailed check.  Good Luck!