Check Your Federal Tax Refund Status

If you’re trying to check the status of your federal tax refund status, there’ s a new way to do it.  Use the IRS refund tracker, an online tool supported by the internal Revenue Service.  You simply log on and you’ll know within seconds the whereabouts of your tax refund.  It’s light years ahead of the old-style IRS refund schedule.  The new tax refund tracker is personalized and accurate and very easy to use.

Checking Your Federal Tax Refund Status Gives Personalized Information

If you filed your taxes and you want to know where your federal tax refund is, the refund tracker will let you know.  You will have to type in some personal information to the IRS secure site, and you’ll get back info about your refund.  You may get any of the following answers:

  1. when your refund check will was mailed, or
  2. date of your direct deposit
  3. if neither of those things has happened yet, the tracker will simply tell you that the IRS has received your federal tax return and it’s working on it (processing)
  4. the IRS tried to mail your refund check but it got returned
  5. if that happens, you can correct your address on file through the Where’s My Refund? tool, also on the IRS website.

 Get Help Beyond the Refund Tracker

If your federal tax refund has been mailed already, there will be a mailing date when you use the refund tracker.  If four weeks have passed beyond that date you don’t have your refund check, there is a link from the IRS’s tracker website to help you.  You will be able to trace your refund.

If you determine that your refund check was lost or stolen, you might have to fill out IRS form 3911, available for download here on the IRS website.  First you will initiate an inquiry, which is an offshoot of the actual Where’s My Refund? page.  After you use the tracker tool to check for your federal tax refund status, and find out your check was mailed more than four weeks ago, the tracker will direct you to the next step for tracing the check.

In other words, the refund tracker tool is the starting point for tracing your IRS refund.  See, I told you the new refund tracker tool was better than the old IRS refund schedule!